Quarterly Narrative Report

 Imperial County UROG School to Work Grant


January – March 2002



Prepared by:  Deborah Harrold

                      School to Career Coordinator


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Part I – Narrative Report


A.     Foundation of Local School to Work Program


The Imperial Valley Education/Business Workforce Coalition is the oversight committee for the Urban/Rural Opportunities Grant.  The committee meets on a monthly basis to hear and offer advise about the progress of the Urban/Rural Opportunities Grant.


The foundation of our School to Work program is our partners who continually offer support and encouragement for the program.  Our employers recognize the benefits of our STW/STC collaboration. 


The School to Career Coordinator holds the office of secretary of the Enterprise Community and is a member of Imperial County’s Southwest Border Pilot Community Response Team and holds the office of secretary and project chair of the Imperial County Overall Economic Development Commission.  This enables School to Career to work with project partners to develop and provide continual support of educational and skill training programs throughout the Imperial Valley.


Our Career Guidance Specialist is based at the One-Stop Employment Center in Calexico.   Since she also lives in Calexico, she is able to develop and strengthen employer relationships through community events.  Partnering with these organizations is important to the success of our activities.


B.     Implementing the Local School to Work System


Since receiving a fair amount of newspaper coverage and more School to Career activities in the schools, we have seen a tremendous response to our efforts in implementing this program.  Our support staff  (site leaders) at each school site makes time to discuss projects and entertain ideas of how to better coordinate various events for all involved.  Both school districts, the Calexico Unified School District and Heber School District offer support and encourage participation in all our activities.

The School to Career staff is very involved in community activities such as the Calexico Chamber of Commerce, El Centro Chamber of Commerce, Calexico Lion’s Club, Women’s Leadership Coalition, Overall Economic Development Commission and the Southwest Border Pilot Community Response Team and the Enterprise Community committee.  Participating in the community organizations provides a network of support and communication that has been vital to the sustainability of this program.


C.     Attention to All Learners


Career Fairs


School to Career participated in the Junior High Career Day on January 10th.  Thirteen (13) Imperial County junior high schools participated in the Career Pathways 2002 at Imperial Valley College.  Over 500 students had the opportunity to attend workshops that included careers in law enforcement, computer technology, corrections, business, media, health, education, art, career awareness, fitness and nutrition.  Seventeen exhibitors ranging from the U.S. Border Patrol to the University of California San Diego Early Academic Outreach Program also attended the event.  Kyle Cease of “Clean Comedians” was the special speaker and entertained students with his special brand of humor.   Career Pathways 2002 is a joint partnership with Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program, CalWORKs and the Employment Development Department.

Eighteen percent of the students that attended Career Day were from Heber School District.


School to Career staff planned and organized the March 1st Career Fair for Mains Elementary School in Calexico.


Classroom presenters for 4th, 5th and 6th grades included:


Julia Osuna                   City of Calexico

Rudy Ramirez               J.C. Penneys

Mr. Bouck                   Continental Airlines

Adria Melendez            Calexico Family Resource Center

Loli Escalante               Government Agencies Federal Credit Union

Abraham Belellano            CalWORKs

Will Rodriguez            KSWT Channel 13 Television Station

Sergio Cabanas            COVANTA Geothermal

Tim Walker                  Centinela Prison

Rudy Maldonado            Imperial Irrigation District

Brian Bouck                 El Centro Regional Medical Center Physical Therapy Department


Vehicles presentations for grades K through 6th grades included:


Imperial County Office of Education Mobile Technology Unit

U.S. Border Patrol

Calexico Fire Department

U.S. Immigration Canine Unit

Pacific Bell Telephone

Safety First

County of Imperial Mobile Command Unit

Calexico Police Deparment

U.S. Customs Canine Unit


Resource tables for grades K through 6th grades included:  El Centro Regional Medical Center, School to Career, One Stop Employment Services, Government Agencies Federal Credit Union, Imperial County Health Department and McDonalds Restaurant.


School to Career staff participated in the March 20th Moreno Junior High School career fair.  We were also part of the planning committee for the March 28th Calexico High School career fair and participated as an exhibitor.



Power Lunches


Mains Power Lunches have been very successful.  We schedule lunches once a month for the 3rd grade classes.   Some of the employers that have volunteered their lunch hours for this quarter are:  Aaron Claverie and Jennifer Ralton Smith of the Imperial Valley Press newspaper and French exchange students, Audrey Cyrot and Louis-Axel Meiner.  Audrey and Louis-Axel are working on their master degrees at San Diego State University.  The five French exchange students will be giving a presentation in June for the summer school students at Mains Elementary.


Heber School District Power Lunches meet once a month.  Employers during this quarter have included:  Imperial County Fire Department, Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program and Heber School District.


Parent Institutes


The Heber School District Parent Institute took place on March 21st.  Parents received advance registration forms and school personnel offered free childcare.

Sessions were offered in English and Spanish.  Some of the breakout sessions included:



Aurora High Parent Fair and Open House will take place on April 25th.  Our flyers/invitations read “Join us in a DOUBLE evening event…Aurora High School Parent’s Fair and Open House.”  The Parent’s Fair will take place at the One Stop Employment Services Office and the Open House will be held at Aurora High School.

Representatives from the various partners of the One Stop will give presentations on the services they have to offer.



Groundhog Job Shadow Day – February1, 2002


School to Career staff organized five group job shadows for Heber School District.  Forty-five (45) students participated in this activity.  Students visited Western Auto, Pep Boys, the City of Calexico, the Fire Department, the Department of Recreation, KQVO-Radio, WalMart and Mains Elementary in Calexico.  After completion of the job shadows, all five groups had lunch in the park.  Calexico High School had twenty-two (22) students that took part in the annual Groundhog Job Shadow Day.


The School to Career (UROG) Coordinator worked with Judy Maurice, Assistant Superintendent at the Imperial County Office of Education and Kirk Lyster of Rutter Media to produce television commercials (state grant advertising funds) for Groundhog Job Shadow Day.  The purpose of these commercials is to keep connected with employers in order to build (and sustain) the capacity of the STW/STC system.


Student Internships


We continue to offer paid student internships to students ages 14 and older.   During this quarter period we have placed approximately 55 students from Calexico High School.  Some of the employers participating include:  Walmart, Toy R Us, U.S.D.A., One Stop Employment Center, Calexico Fire Department, James Beaver Immigration Services, Factory 2 U, 99 Cents Store, Western Auto, Counseling Office, Library and Career Center at Calexico High School, Kiki Camarena Library, Dool School, Computer Lab at Calexico High School,  and Twin City Seed and Feed.






Every Tuesday evening from 5 – 6 P. M. the STC Coordinator and Career Guidance Specialist conduct portfolio sessions for William Moreno Junior High students.  These sessions are for students age 14 or older.  They learn how to write a resume, job preparation skills, interview skills and will participate in student internships for the summer.



STC Newsletter


“InfoLine” is available on our web site www.imperialvalley.net/stc     It is a large document (with photos) so it may take two minutes to download.   “InfoLine” is published monthly and distributed to all educators and employer partners in Imperial Valley. 


The front page of our February issued featured an article on Karla Medina of Calexico High School who after completing a School to Career internship landed a part time job at KQVO radio in Calexico.


Policies and Support:


Through regular meetings and/or communication with IVROP, CUSD and administration and staff at our schools, we are able to keep current with all regulations and policies. 


Building the Capacity of The System:


On February 7th at Hometown Buffet in Calexico School to Career/IVROP held an employer luncheon to present “Survivor – A Community Challenge.”  The purpose of the short, fun and informative luncheon was to talk about our potential as a community with local resources, education, workforce development and economic development services.


John Moreno, Assistant Principal at Calexico High School, served as host of the event.  Students from Mains Elementary, Moreno Junior High, Aurora High School and Heber School District answered the questions correctly and were chosen to become contestants for the Community Challenge.


Students were quizzed about the education, training and work experience that may be needed to perform duties for a science related career.


The special speaker for the luncheon was Denise Moreno Ducheny.  She talked about the growth of the Imperial Valley and the similarities to Phoenix and Las Vegas and the cross-border business, transportation, education and health issues that we encounter here.


She stressed the importance of providing opportunities for students through internships, career fairs, field trips and work experience.


Stating that many in the audience were close to her age, Ms. Ducheny joked, “How many of you remember the mimeograph machine?”  She talked about how far we have come with technology in a short period of time.  “Students need to learn technology skills to function successfully in the business world,” she said.


Ms. Ducheny stressed that School to Career employer participation and commitment is a key component for ensuring student success.





D.    Sustaining the School to Work System:


The IVROP School to Career staff has undertaken the duties of publishing the STC newsletter “InfoLine” in conjunction with the Imperial County Office of Education.  This newsletter reaches out in the community to approximately 3000 educators and employer partners.


During two of our employer events, we were able to film the presentations made by Kathleen Harris and Ian Jukes, respectively.  Imperial County Office of Education partnered with us by absorbing the costs for the Ian Jukes filming.  Both presentations are approximately one hour in length and will be used for professional staff development as well as for regular public viewing on the Imperial County Office of Education Channel 99.


School to Career partnered with Imperial County Office of Education on their Second Annual Imperial Valley Educational Technology Conference January 11th and 12th.  Five hundred Calexico High School students participated in a student assembly with Alan November as the featured speaker.  We also invited all our educators to the Friday night presentation by Mr. November.  Half of the Saturday technology conference attendees took part because of the partnership with School to Career (UROG).


School to Career once again participated in the annual Overall Economic Development Commission conference that took place on January 23, 2002.  The purpose of the conference was to focus on the vision, challenges, goals, tasks and partners that makeup our economic plan for Imperial Valley 2010.  By attending this conference, the different government agencies and groups in the Imperial Valley worked together to move toward a coordinated effort to better the economy and quality of life for all Imperial Valley residents.


The countywide financial support for school to Career in the form of a state grant ended as of September 30, 2001, although the federal Urban/Rural Opportunities Grant (UROG) continues for Calexico and Heber and is administered through the Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program.  However, many of the UROG activities benefit employers, community members and educators throughout Imperial Valley.


ICOE & IVROP has a strong commitment to sustaining the important work begun by the School to Career grant.  They will maintain communication with the large School to Career Coalition to invite them to relevant activities.  In addition, members of the Coalition will be encouraged to participate in special activities such as job shadowing, the speakers’ bureau, interviews to award employability certificates and other school events. 


Together the members of the Steering Committee are pooling people and financial resources to continue the Employability Certificate and the national Groundhog Job Shadow event. 


The Imperial County Office of Education, Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program and the Imperial Valley Business/Education Coalition continue to build on existing programs and services in the community, leveraging public and private funds, staff, equipment and other resources from all of their key partners to support School to Career.













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