Heber School District/School to Career

Parent Fair – BreakOut Sessions

March 22, 2001

5:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.

Together We Make a Difference


Behavior Management/Parenting Skills

Imperial County Office of Education Student Well-Being and Family Resources will provide information to parents for giving positive guidance and discipline for behavior problems. Some of the basic steps in reducing behavior problems include rewarding alternative behaviors, changing consequences, alternative consequences such as redirecting, natural and logical consequences and time-outs.

High School Exit Exam

The purpose of the state mandated High School Exit Exam is to improve student achievement in high school. It will help ensure that students who graduate from high school can demonstrate competency in the content standards for reading, writing, and mathematics, adopted by the State Board of Education.

Elena Castro from Calexico Unified School District will present the HSEE in English and Spanish.

Imperial Valley College

Representatives from IVC will provide a presentation on financial aid, special population counseling, CalWORKS, and vocational education.

Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program

IVROP provides training to acquire entry-level jobs, update/improve skills, prepare for advanced training and education, prepare for a college major, earn credits towards high school graduation, and earn a certificate of Demonstrated Competencies. There are no fees or tuition for instruction and the classes are open to any Imperial County resident.

Susan Delgado, an IVROP Guidance Technician will present sessions in English and Spanish.

One Stop/Job Resource Services

Staff from the One-Stop will provide information on Core Services such as financial counseling, job referrals, job search and placement, workshop and youth services.

Computer Technology Training

Bob Harrold and Tony Lambert from Heber School District will present “careers in computer technology.” Careers will include web page design, basic PC repair, network administration and e-commerce. Sessions will be conducted in English and Spanish.

Imperial County Sheriff’s Department

Deputy Sheriff, Oscar E. Ruiz, School Resource Officer , Imperial County S.O. - for the Heber School District will provide a presentation on drug and gang awareness.

Early Academic Outreach Program

EAOP is a cooperative effort between the University of California, San Diego and 12 Imperial County School Districts. To accomplish our mission EAOP engages students and parents in various informational, motivational and academic school year activities, as well as summer sessions for grades 7th to 12th. Some activities include: campus tours, parent orientation meetings, PSAT and SAT 1 workshops, groups presentations, one-to-one counseling, summer residential program, and college making it happen informational meetings. The sessions will be conducted in English and Spanish.

Law Enforcement Careers

Mike Singh will talk about law enforcement careers and how to help your student become better academically prepared to pass the entrance exams for various law enforcement agencies.

Teen Anger Management

Woman Haven’s Anger Management Groups for teens employ an educational curriculum that addresses the stresses, which characterize the teenage years. The curriculum consists of twelve themes: definitions of violence and anger, respect, support and trust, communication, honesty and accountability, non-threatening behavior, negotiation and fairness, independence and autonomy, peer pressure, sexual respect, building good relationships, and students’ choice of topics. Frank Marquez, the Assistant Director of Youth Violence will conduct two sessions, one in English and one in Spanish.

Your Pathway to Better Health

Carol Rascon from Pioneers Health Centers will present information on the services they offer and how you can help provide better health for your families. Sessions will be conducted in English and Spanish.

Heber School District Greenhouse Project

Elena Maciel will present the plans for the exciting greenhouse project at Heber School District. Come and hear about how you can participate in this hands-on activity for your children.