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El Centro, Ca. Road Map - El Centro AnythingWeather Flash CardNWS Area Cities Map forecasts: El Centro - Imperial (KIPL chart)El Centro BLM Field Office Weather ReportNWS for Imperial, CaWx Radar • U.S. Aviation Wx Center • Desktop Click Clock: Clock, Calendar, Weather, Astronomy (download)
Current WX KNJK NAF ELC & Imperial, Imperial County Airport, CA, US (KIPL) 32-50-03N 115-34-43W -15M - Wikipedia Imperial Airport data
Imperial Valley/Yuma Radar & NWS Forecast
( California WX Stations Map Border Yuma KIPL NAFELC )
Cathedral CityBrea (CAUS)

Glamis, California (Sand Dunes NEE Brawley, Ca)
NWS Radar Display Sites Imperial, California Forecast
Earthquake Information
LA RadarSan Diego Radar Phoenix, AZYuma, AZ
Shreveport, LaBlair, NeValdosta, Ga

Borrego County Agua Caliente Park, Palomar Mountain Ranch, Agua Caliente Hotsprints, Kenner Ranch
NWS Radar mosaic: ConUS & PacSW (includes: ELC, Yuma & northern Sea of Cortez, BC, MX area)
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Historical Weather Data for Imperial Valley, Ca. Cities + Weather History: KIPL KYUM
Globe: World Time: map center: 115° 34' West, 32° 50' North • (alt: Earth Viewer) • Moon: USNO AA
Area Climate Data with El Centro 2 SSW, Imperial County, Ca., US - 32.76°N (32°38') 115.56°W (115°33') -9m/-29' below sea level
NAF ELC -43' Lat 32.82N Lon 115.68W | Salton Sea -228'

Extremes: U.S. TodayThis month's High/Low TemperaturesSince 1995 + Current California

SkyWarn for Imperial Airport, Cahuilla, Buttercup, Mt. Laguna
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Click for Agua Caliente, California Forecast & more info at http://www.co.san-diego.ca.us/parks/camping/agua_caliente.html
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From Heber, Ca.:   (src: AWS)
Imperial, California
  • Imperial County Airport 11.70 Miles
    Seeley, California
  • Naval Air Facility 13.84 Miles
    Yuma, Arizona
  • Yuma / Yuma International 52.29 Miles
    Campo, California
  • Campo 56.54 Miles
    Pine Valley, California
  • Pine Valley ES 60.48 Miles
    1. Laughlin/Bullhead City Intl. Airport
    2. Parker
    3. Poston
    4. Phoenix
    5. Quartzsite
    6. Tucson
    7. Yuma
    8. Yuma International Airport
    9. Yuma Marine Corps AS NOAA

  • Understanding Aviation WX w/online ground school WX tutors
    18 Month Rain Forecasts for 300+ California cities

    Drought Forecasts
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    California, Arizona & Nevada

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    US: California Ca WX & Arizona Az WXMy Cities Maps El Centro 10-DayNearby Places + L.A. & S.CalSan Diego, Ca to Mexicali, MX • and Yuma, Az Border Areas.alternate US IV/MX Baja NOAA area radarImperial SatelliteSalton Sea Area (Coachella & Imperial Valley) WX & Predictions
    Weather at Los Angeles, Ca.'s
    WestCoastHosting.Com in detail: Lat: N 37 ° 3 ' 45 '' ( 37.062 ° ) Lon: W 95 ° 40 ' 37 '' ( -95.677 ° ) Elevation: 600 ft
    Pacific HiResSW US WX Sat Views
    NAF El Centro FAQs
    The WeatherPixie
    Imperial County Airport
    32-50-03N 115-34-43W
    Find Your City or Country Pixies
    Mexican CitiesMexicali 10 day forecastTiempo local en Español y Valores históricos y Mexicali International Airport (MMML) y NOAA for MMML y San Felipe, BC, MX: Current Conditions / condiciones atmosféricas actuales y el tiempo
    US/World Wx links
    Personal WX Stations:
    KIPLKAZYYUMA5 (Steve's Place, Yuma, AZ)KAZSOMER1 (Silvas Farms, Somerton, AZ)
    Naval Air Facility, El Centro WX Radar - NWS Metar Observations: NAS ELC - Aviation Format - print format - decoded raw - NAS ELC KNJK Metar - Surface Reports - Current NAF WX & [src: NOAA] - Solar/Lunar Sunrise/Sunset Moonrise/Moonset Nautical Twilight Imperial, California
    Ham Weather Forecast • for El Centro: Clear Sky Clock (+ within 60 miles & 120 miles) , Sun/Moon Data, What Time is it in El Centro?, Star Map, Local Climatology Extremes • Climate Graphs for: El Centro, Ca, Yuma, Az, Campo, Ca, & San Diego, CaWX forecast & Area Demographics
    Find other USA cities. Southern California Desert 10 Day Wx & Farm Forecast (Barstow, Blythe, Brawley, El Centro, Indio, Lancaster, Needles, Palm Springs, Ridge Crest, Victorville)
    Salton Sea Basin Area: Salton Sea CIMIS WX Stations Clickable Map ~ Area Interactive Click Map (Calipatria, Coachella, El Centro, Imperial, Mecca Niland, Palm Springs City, Palm Springs Area, Salton City, Thermal, & Westmorland)
    [visit the source: SDSU Center for Inland Waters]

    Locate a WX station. (NCDC, NOAA) U.S. National Weather Service (NWS: Interactive Weather Information Network, IWN)
    Historical WX Data:
    Enter date to find weather conditions for that day
    So. Cal/No. Baja Click Map
    Map Blast SW Calif Map
    Calexico/El Centro/Imperial Valley Area
    32.8 Degrees North by 115.6 Degrees West
    Maps of Mexicali, San Felipe, & Northern Baja, Tecate Area y Baja California Sur, Mexico

    Source: Harrold's Weather Links Page

    weather forecast for Imperial CA weather forecast for Imperial weather forecast by climaton.com

    Click for El Centro, California Forecast
    Click for Mexicali, Baja California Sur, Mexico Forecast
    Click for Yuma, Arizona Forecast
    Click for Brawley, California Forecast
    Click for Descanso, California Forecast
    Click for Baja Long Beach, Carson, California Forecast
    Click for Shreveport, Louisiana Forecast
    Click for Valdosta, Georgia Forecast
    Borrego Springs, California
  • Borrego Springs HS 65.35 Miles
    Julian, California
  • Julian JHS 69.49 Miles Alpine, California
  • Boulder Oaks ES 74.96 Miles Coachella, California
  • Desert Resorts Thermal Regional Airport 75.94 Miles Blythe, California
  • Blythe Airport 79.15 Miles
    1. Aerial Trams Mtn.
    2. Alpine
    3. Blythe Airport
    4. Brawley MUNI, Cliff Hatfield Mem. Airport
    5. Campo, Crawford Ranch NOAA
    6. Camp Pendleton AS Oceanside
    7. Cahuilla
    8. Calexico Intl. Airport
    9. Cameron Fire Station
    10. Coachella
    11. Descanso
    12. EL Centro (metric)
    13. Fish Creek Mountain
    14. Fullerton MUNI
    15. Heber Averages
    16. Hemet
    17. Imperial County Airport NOAA
    18. Long Beach Airport
    19. Mecca
    20. Mt. Laguna
    22. NAS Coronado North Island
    23. Naval Aux Landing Field, Imperial Beach
    24. Ontario Airport
    25. Palm Springs International Airport
    26. Pine Hills
    27. Squaw Lake
    28. Thermal Deserts Resorts Airport NOAA
    29. Torrey Pines
    30. Rancho San Diego El Cajon

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